About Us

Every year there are changes within the healthcare industry. Whether keeping up with new regulations or industry trends, it is difficult to stay current on all of the latest issues. LASHFM is a group of professionals that have come together to promote an exchange of ideas on the latest healthcare issues. LASHFM' s mission is to:

1. Encourage and assist members to develop their knowledge and increase their competence in the fields related to healthcare facility management. 
2. Encourage and assist in conducting regular meetings, conferences and educational programs. 
3. Provide a platform for the interchange of ideas, communication of information and cooperation between members. 
4. Serve in an advocacy role on behalf of the membership in the development of codes, regulations and legislation that affect healthcare institutions. 

LASHFM members come from a range of facilities managers; engineering; clinical or biomedical engineering; technology management; planning, design and construction; safety; and security management. Student members are welcome, as are individuals employed by outside firms that serve healthcare facilities. 

LASHFM encourages member involvement through various committees that have been organized to meet the needs of membership. Become a LASHFM member and join with other professionals in your field to create continuous improvement in healthcare facilities management.